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About NP-complet

In algorithm complexity theory, NP-complete is used to designate a class of decision problems for which we know of no solutions that execute reasonably fast.

NP-complet (without the e) offers consultation and development services. Whether integrated into your existing team or working from our offices on a per project basis, we deliver quality software.

Agility, pragmatism and simplicity

Keeping things as simple as they can be leads to elegant and efficient solutions. In software development, simplicity does not imply a reduction in quality but rather an effort to avoid over-engineering and to concentrate on the most important features of an application.

Keeping simplicity in mind allows us to deliver working software faster.


Gilles Leblanc

Hi! I'm Gilles and NP-complet is my personal consultancy. I'm a pragmatic programmer, software development consultant and passionate about hiking and nature.

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